Funny Facebook Birthday Messages for your Husband (2021).

Funny Facebook Birthday Messages for your Husband

Searching for the perfect funny messages for your hubby? Well, here I present you Funny Facebook Birthday Messages for your Husband in his next birthday celebration. Birthdays are very special moments especially when it has to do with someone as special as a sweet and loving husband. I bet you don’t want to post a plain happy birthday wish on Facebook. You want a funny yet heartwarming message that carries your emotions to the love of your life. Well, I’m glad to tell you that you’re right on track. You may love this post spy necklace to spy on your partner.

This collection of birthday wishes includes funny birthday wishes you could send to your husband on his big day or even tag him to your post and get those likes rolling in. Now it’s time to show the Facebook world how much you love your man.

Pro tip: Make sure to use your pet name for your hubby while writing out these messages so it goes straight to his heart.

17 Funny Facebook Messages For Your Hubby (2021)

  1. Oh honey (or your preferred pet name), I just found a strand of white hair on your head. Is this trying to send a message? Lol, Happy birthday to my hero. I expect many more of these white hairs.
  2. Hey hubby, I want to give you the world on this special day but I just remembered you’ve always said I am your world so I guess there’s no need for that then. Happy birthday.
  3. Its always been ladies first but I give you the go ahead this time to grow old first. Happy blissful birthday to you.
  4. You always say I don’t make the right choices. I was just wondering if this applies to you too hubby. Happy birthday Mi marido.
  5. I’ve got you this fantastic cake today my love but I remember people your age are more prone to diabetes so I’d say skip this and stay alive. Happy birthday hero.
  6. You’ve made all my dreams come true including some nightmares. Happy birthday hubby.
  7. Your love is all I need to survive in this crazy world hubby but don’t forget to keep your credit card with you always as well. Happy birthday my charm.
  8. There’s a lot of beauty in the world. The morning sunrise, the green gardens, the sight of the trees after a little rain, the rainbow in the clouds. All these should be enough beauty for my eyes and that is why I’m not bothered about your face. Happy birthday.
  9. I hope your 60 is as amazing as your 40. Happy birthday hubby.
  10. Take care of yourself always and stay true to your self. Be you. Nah hubby, just kidding. Change that habit of never forgetting your credit card. Happy birthday.
  11. Celebrate as much as you can tonight my love because you are only 30 once in a lifetime. Yes I know, that was 20 years ago. Happy birthday Superman.
  12. Let go of your past, you can’t change it at all. Forget about the future, tomorrow is gonna take care of itself. Let’s not talk about the present either, I forgot to get you one. Happy birthday.
  13. Its time to start acting your age hubby. Actually, it was time ten years ago. Happy birthday my king.
  14. Merry Christmas hubby!! So sorry your birthday has been overshadowed by the festive season. Happy birthday honey.
  15. I hope this year will be filled with all the sweet things you like that’s makes you happy and smile. I’m leaving tomorrow on a vacation. Its the best I can do.  Happy birthday.
  16. We know every wrinkle tells a story. If we had to listen to yours, it’d take weeks with the number of wrinkles I see. Happy birthday big man.
  17. You are the reason I wake up and get out of bed every single day. To make breakfast of course. Happy birthday.

10 Funny Ways To Say Happy Birthday To Dad

Dads are very special people. The first heroes we ever get to meet face to face. He is always there when you call on him and he makes sure you have all the opportunities he never had in life.

Now it’s his big day and he sure deserves more than a regular happy birthday. Send him a birthday wish that makes him grin so hard and brings warmth to his heart.

I have compiled a list of 10 funny ways to say happy birthday to your dad. I hope you find the best wish or get an idea of the best birthday wishes for your special hero here. You might love this 14k Gold Value Per Gram: How Much is a 14k Gold Necklace Worth at a Pawn Shop

  1. Every birthday you have means another year you’ve spent with us dad. Thank goodness I survived it. Happy birthday sweet dad.
  2. This day, I wish you truly understand the newest fashion. Your style reminds me of the 1900’s. Happy birthday pops.
  3. Its not easy being a dad but you do that effortlessly with the help of your excellent spanking techniques. Thanks for all that discipline dad. Happy birthday.
  4. I initially wanted to light up a candle for each year of your age but on a second thought, I doubt I’ll be able to find a caterer who can bake a cake so big to contain all those candles. Happy birthday dad.
  5. Old age comes with forgetfulness. Just never forget how much I love and adore you dad. Happy birthday.
  6. Happy birthday dad and thanks for not paralysing me all those years although I truly deserved it.
  7. Happy birthday to the man who always provided our meals. Yes sure since you can’t stay hungry for a minute either.
  8. I’m so grateful to you dad for keeping all those secrets of mine and never telling mum. Let’s do this again this year shall we?.
  9. Who needs super heroes when I’ve got you. Superman got nothing on you dad except that you should work on your belly. Happy birthday my hero.
  10. I remember all the parables you’ve taught me over the years. Whenever I think about them I just can’t stop laughing. Like how do you come up with those dad. Happy birthday dad. (Use this only if your dad has told you some funny parables).

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