11 Best Roller Skate Wheels Indoors On Amazon?

Best Roller Skate Wheel

If you are reading this post, it simply means you want learn about the 11 best roller skate wheels inddors on amazon.

Every part of roller skating is essential. However, the wheels are considered the most important. They allow you to glide around the rink while keeping your feet firmly planted. In this post, I will share the best roller skate wheels indoors.

Indoor wheels have been designed to provide a smooth surface for skating. These wheels are often made out of polyurethane and have grooves cut into them. Grooves help keep dirt off the wheel and allow air to flow freely.

They are lighter in weight and smaller in diameter than their outdoor counterparts. They are not recommended for use on hard surfaces like concrete, Asphalt, grass, or dirt.

Because indoor wheels are smaller, they tend to be more challenging. Harder wheels are great for practicing tricks and learning new moves. They also make it easier to learn how to control speed and direction.

Best Roller Skate Wheel

You’ll need to consider certain factors when shopping for roller skate wheels for the inside. They include the following:


The durometer refers to the hardness of the wheel. A higher durometer means a more rigid wheel. Harder wheels tend to provide a smoother ride and make it easier to control the wheel’s speed. However, they are not recommended for beginners, who may fall off their wheels if they do not learn how to balance correctly.

Beginners should start with softer wheels until they get comfortable with balancing and learning how to use the wheels.


“Diameter” refers to the width of the wheel. A wider wheel means less rolling resistance, which makes it easier to roll over obstacles. However, a narrower wheel will have less surface area, making it harder to push off the ground.


There are two materials commonly used for roller skate wheels: plastic and metal. Plastic wheels are lighter than metal ones but tend to wear out faster. Metal wheels are heavier, but they last longer.


A rim is the outer edge of the wheel. There are three different rims: smooth, knobby, and grooved. Smooth rims are best for beginners.

Knobby rims are great for people who are comfortable pushing their wheels down slopes. Grooved rims are designed for people who use their wheels to climb hills.


A hub is a point at which the axle attaches to the wheel. Most hubs are either square or round. Square hubs are more stable than round ones. Round hubs are easier to turn.

What are roller skate wheels best for indoors?

Radar Halo Alloy Wheels (4-Pack)

The Radar Halo Alloy wheels are one of the best roller skate wheels for indoor use. Radial hubs offer the perfect combination of performance, durability, and style.

They have repeatedly been proven to be the superior choice for indoor wheels. The radial hub technology provides a smooth ride while maintaining maximum traction.

The unique geometry of the hub is what gives the Radar Halo Alloy its signature look. The hub features a deep dish center and a shallow dish at the edge. This unique design helps create a larger contact area between the tire and the ground. This results in increased traction and stability.

 Rollerbones Turbo Black Roller Skate Wheels

The RollerBones Turbo Wheels are designed to be used with any standard roller wheel. These wheels are made of aluminum and extrude the center hub to make room for bigger tires. This gives you a smoother ride and a longer lifespan.

The Turbo Wheels are made to be compatible with any standard roller wheel, making them an excellent upgrade for any existing set-up.

Sure-Grip Fame

The Sure-Grip Fame Roller Skate is a great beginner skate for those who want to learn how to roller skate. Sure, Grip fame wheels make skating easier, allowing people to get their feet accustomed to the feeling of being on the ice.

The Rock Nylon Plate provides extra protection, and the ABEC 5 Bearings provide smooth rolling and long-lasting durability.

Atom Boom HP 62mm/38mm Roller Skate Wheels – 4pack

Atom Roller Skates has been making some of the best roller skate wheels for indoor use. Their high-performance wheels are known for being incredibly durable and reliable. They are designed to withstand the rigors of skating and provide the ultimate speed, control, and durability.

Are Moxi gummy wheels suitable for indoors?

Yes. They are perfect for indoors. If you plan on using the Moxi gummy wheels indoors, there are no issues. These wheels are designed to provide a smooth ride on any surface.

Whether skating around the house or out at the park, these wheels will give you a smooth ride.

Moxi Gummy Wheels have a high rebound, meaning they bounce back after being hit. This makes them ideal for technical skating, especially dance.

Are 85A wheels suitable for indoors?

Yes, 85A wheels are ideal for indoors. Typically, wheels with a durometer value of 85A are suitable for indoor skating. The hardness allows for a quick, smooth ride, and they roll easily.

What’s the difference between indoor skate wheels and outdoor skate wheels?

Outdoor Skate Wheels?

Outdoor skate wheels are designed to withstand the elements while providing a smooth ride. These wheels are much softer than their indoor counterparts, which means they absorb more shock when rolling across pavement or concrete. This makes them ideal for use on sidewalks and other street surfaces.

Indoor Skate Wheels?

Indoor skate wheels are designed to provide a durable surface for skating indoors. They are often made from polyurethane foam, which provides a hard surface for skating. However, these wheels are not recommended for use on floors due to their hardness.

11 best roller skate wheels indoor.

8 Piece LED Light up Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Skate Wheels with Skate Roller Bearings 32 x 58 mm

Eight blue luminous roller skate wheels, which flash at night, are included in the package; a mounting wrench, four replacement 608 bearings, two replacement roller skate wheel cores, and two pieces of 608 bearings are included with each wheel.

The light-up roller skate wheel is 32 x 58 mm in size.

The 82A hardness silicone used to create this luminous double-row skate wheel delivers great sliding performance. The skate wheel provides you with a strong grip on interior surfaces to lessen friction.

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8 Piece LED Light Up Roller Skate Wheel

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8 LED bright roller skate wheels are included in the bundle and flash at night. Each wheel consists of a roller skate wheel core, two 608-bearing components, and a mounting wrench.

This fluorescent double-row skate wheel is made of 78A hardness silicone, a reliable material with excellent sliding performance. The skate wheel gives you a firm grip on interior surfaces made of wood and concrete.

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Nezylaf 8 pack 78A Roller Skate

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TOBWOLF 8 Pack 58mm x 39mm, 95A, Indoor Quad Roller Skate Wheels for Roller Derby Speed Skating, Artistic, Jam, Rink & Rhythm Skates, PU Wear-Resistant Wheels Double-Row Roller Skates Accessories

This roller skate wheel is built from a rigid polyurethane material that offers outstanding longevity and is designed to offer good speed and grip in all harnesses.

It measures 58mm in diameter and 39mm in breadth, with ABEC 9 bearings and a spacer; the inner bearing diameter is 8mm, and the outer bearing diameter is 22mm; please confirm that this meets your requirements before purchasing. The wheel has bearings and spacers already attached.

The 95A hardness provides grip, speed, and durability for indoor performance. These durable, creative wheels are made to compete with manufacturing standards and are designed to roll smoothly while offering excellent rink floor traction.

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TOBWOLF 8 Pack Roller Skate Wheels

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Firefly New Lightup Quad Roller Skate Replacement Wheels – Flashy Light Up LED Wheels

The Firefly New Lightup Quad Roller Skate has eight wheels that are adequate for a complete pair of roller skates. They also have high-quality ABEC 3 bearings. You can choose from 58mm or 62mm by 32mm. The urethane wheels with flashing lights will upgrade your quad roller skates.

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FireFly New LightUp Roller Skate

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Riedell Sonar Wheels – Zen – Quad Roller Skate Wheels – 4 Pack of 32mm x 62mm 85A Wheels

The Sonar Zen Roller Skate Wheels come in eight colors to perfectly match your existing pair of Sonar Zen skates. You’ll never have to worry about incompatible wheels again!

These wheels are built to last. Their durable urethane will provide long-lasting traction on various surfaces, including ice rinks, sidewalks, and streets.

Installing these wheels is simple. Slide them onto your existing Sonar Zen wheels and tighten them down using the included hex wrench.

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Riedell Sonar Roller Skate Wheel

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Sure-Grip Hyper Shaman

These wheels are sized at 62mm x 42 mm for maximum speed. The Shaman is amongst the top indoor roller skate wheels, thanks to its extreme grip and top speed. The anodized aluminum hub is made to resist thermal heat and corrosion caused by bearing oil. The industry’s best high-velocity performance is achieved via low profile wheel radius.

The full-size aluminum hubs are machined out of solid billet aluminum. The hubs are then coated with a unique urethane formula that provides excellent traction and durability.

The hubs are then finished off with a clear coat to protect them from the elements.

The low profile wheel radius design helps increase the wheel’s contact area with the ground. As a result, the wheel travels faster over the ground. The lower the profile, the faster the wheel goes.

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Sure Grip Shamam Wheels

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Backspin VNLA Vanilla Eclipse Indoor Skate Wheels

These aluminum hub roller skate wheels are built to be lightweight and durable, so skate on them for a smooth roll. Bear in mind that no bearings are supplied on these wheels.

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Backspin VNLA Indoor Skate Wheels

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SIKEMAY 8 Pack Light Up and Luminous Quad Roller Skate Wheels with ABEC-9 Bearings, Durable Wear-Resistant-Well Rebound Wheels for Indoor or Outdoor Double Row Skating and Skateboard 32mm x 58mm

The SIKEMAY 8 Pack Light Up and Luminous Quad Roller Skate are among the best roller skate wheels on Amazon. It has a high-quality polyurethane polymer material, is wear-resistant, has an excellent compressive rebound, and has four-wheel shock absorption.

They can maintain a durable grip on any venue, making you smoother when skating comfortably.

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SIKEMAY 8 Pack Light Up Skate Wheels

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Champion Wheels Trophy Series X-Soft 80mm Indoor Roller Hockey Wheels Set of 4

The Champion Series is built with quality materials. These wheels are manufactured in the United States and feature a proprietary blend of high-grade polymers and rubber compounds.

The unique formula gives you extreme traction on wet surfaces and ensures that you won’t lose control of your vehicle. In addition, their wheels are constructed from a durable material that resists cracking and peeling.

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Champion Wheels Trophy

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Bont Skates – Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheel – Indoor Roller Skate Wheels – Rollerskate Wheels – 88A 92A 95A 98A – Red Black Blue Purple – Set of 4.

This wheel is suitable for indoor surfaces. The Bont Evolve roller derby wheel’s roll, rebound, grip, and wear characteristics are incredibly high. It is made with urethane of the highest quality.

The hub is constructed of lightweight polycarbonate, providing a very robust construction for turning at high speeds. You can find anything that is the right size and hardness.

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Bont Skates Indoor Roller Wheels

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FREEWARE Roller Skate Wheels 54mm/58mm Skateboard Wheels and Bearings Indoor Outdoor Luminous Light Up Skate Wheels 83A with T Tools for Double Row Skating and Skateboard (8 Pack)

They can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It slides quickly and smoothly with a sticky edge that aids in sliding downhill. 54mm 83A polyurethane wheels are used on FREEWARE skateboards and roller skates. The wheel is 54mm (diameter) X 32mm (width). Wheels have been fitted with a 22 mm by 8 mm.

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FREEDARE Roller Skate Wheels

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What are the best indoor roller skate wheels for beginners?

Sure-Grip Boardwalk outdoor wheels

It’s a fantastic indoor wheel for beginners. The wheel hardness is 78A, which is quite robust and grippy too.

Atom Pulse

Atom Pulse features hollow-core technology. The hollow core technology uses a solid center core surrounded by a softer outer shell.

This creates a much smoother ride than traditional wheels. The hardness is 78A. It can be used on Asphalt, a boardwalk, and a sidewalk.

Light up roller skate wheels indoor

Luminous Light-Up Quad Hybrid Wheels | GLITTER | 62mm

These wheels are perfect for skating at night. These wheels are built to be bright and colorful and shine even brighter when they aren’t rolling.

These wheels are made of polycarbonate plastic, making them durable enough to withstand the elements.

The colors on these wheels are vibrant and bright, and they’re sure to make you stand out in any crowd. You’ll find various colors here, including red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple.

This wheel is made of polycarbonate plastic, making it solid and durable. Polycarbonates are known for their high-impact resistance and are highly resistant to chemicals and weathering.

Volcanic Dazzle Hybrid Light-Up Quad Wheels (4-pack) | 62mm

The most significant way to stand out is to equip your roller skates with volcanic light-up wheels, which include 8 LED lights and 360-degree visibility. With a 4-color output, these crystal-clear wheels spin while shining brightly and attractively.

You can draw attention at the rink or skate park with 62mm and 85A hardness. These lighted roller skate wheels come in a pack of four and with ABEC-9 bearings already attached.

Can you use outdoor roller skate wheels indoors?

Yes, of course. Outdoor roller skates can be used indoors without any issues. Simply put, they will grip the ground more tightly, making it harder to sustain the pace. You can skate indoors with outdoor wheels.

How to clean indoor roller skate wheels?

  • Use a soft cloth

Before cleaning the roller skate wheels, remove any dirt or debris from them. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to do this. If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it to suck out any excess dust.

Remove the skates from the surface they are sitting on (usually concrete) and set them aside. You may want to take extra time here to ensure everything is removed correctly.

  • Clean the wheels

Take a small brush and soak it in warm water. Brush the inside of the wheel thoroughly until no dirt remains. Do not use soap!

  • Dry the wheels?

Dry the wheels using a towel. Make sure to rub the entire area of the wheel. Once dry, apply a thin coat of oil to protect the wheels.

  • Reassemble the wheels

Reattach the wheels back to the baseplate and tighten down the bolts.

How hard should indoor roller skate wheels be?

Usually, indoor skate wheels should have a hardness of 82A or more. It would be best if you did not use any below this specified range.

Can I roller skate inside my house?

You can use a roller skate inside your house. No doubt that the wheels of roller skates can be used at home, but you should be very careful while doing this.


What wheel hardness is best for indoor skating?

The recommended hardness of indoor skate wheels should be 82A or more. But it rests on the activities you’ll be performing. So, the type of activity determines the hardness to use.

Are 82A wheels suitable for indoors?

This 82A hardness is excellent for indoor roller skating and is still great for outdoor skating. When you skate out, the 58mm-diameter wheels give you stability, while the 32mm-wide wheels give you more control.

Are 85A wheels suitable for indoors?

These wheels can be used for indoor events. If you’re thinking of using 82A wheels indoors, go ahead. It is ideal for you to perform quick bends without slipping out.

Are 78A wheels suitable for indoors?

No. The wheels are exceedingly sticky; are not suitable for indoors. 78A can be used outside and are excellent for really slick surfaces.

Are 78A wheels too soft?

78A wheels are soft wheels. They are in the line of wheels measured as too soft. These wheels provide a smoother ride and have higher traction on rough terrains like sidewalks and other surfaces with pebbles, gravel, cracks, etc.

What are 82A wheels suitable for?

82A wheels are suitable for outdoor occasions; these wheels work admirably on most outdoor surfaces and make a superb all-around outdoor wheel for sidewalks and Asphalt.

What are 80A wheels suitable for?

80A wheels are suitable for sliding and downhill mountain biking. The rider has complete control and grip. All thanks to the balance of soft and hard surfaces on the wheels.

Are 90A wheels soft?

Yes, 90A wheels are in the category of soft wheels. They fall within the 78A range.

Roller skate wheels indoor vs. outdoor.

When comparing indoor and outdoor roller skate wheels, they are clear-cut differences between them.

Other differences:

Indoor skates

  • They are lighter and smaller than outdoor skates.
  • They are designed for smooth floors indoors.
  • They are not recommended for rough terrain.

Outdoor skates

  • They weigh more than indoor skates.
  • Their wheels are larger and stronger than indoor skates. This makes them more stable and durable.
  • They are heavier and take longer to maneuver.
  • They are recommended for rough terrain. You can ride them on sidewalks, streets, and trails.
  • They are more expensive than indoor skates. They need regular maintenance.
  • They are built to last. If you drop them on pavement, they won’t crack or break.

Best roller skate wheels indoors.

They’re a handful of roller skate wheels to choose from. If you’re short of ideas, you can choose from these lists:

Radar Halo Alloy Wheels (4-Pack)

Roller bones Turbo Black Roller Skate Wheels

Sure, Grip Fame.


If you’re thinking of purchasing indoor wheels, make sure you buy quality products. Cheap wheels won’t last long. Quality wheels will last longer and give you years of fun.