Can Roller Skating Help You Lose Weight?

Can Roller Skating Help You To Lose Weight

If you are going through this article, it simply means you want learn about if roller skating can help you lose weight.

And if you are thinking of fitness and even losing weight simultaneously, your mind practically wanders to the well-known ways of weight loss, such as walking, swimming, cycling, gym, and even yoga.

Although, a typical sport to lose weight or get in shape is mainly overlooked, and that sport is roller skating. So, it would help if you lost weight through roller skating as a lover of this sport in a short while.

Necessarily, besides being a good exercise for losing weight in this contemporary time, roller skating is also beneficial since it helps to improve your coordination and balance.

The improvement in balance and coordination will help prevent injuries in other aspects of your life while engaging in different sports activities like football, running, and swimming, to mention just a few. However, the other exciting part of roller skating as a sport is that everyone can enjoy the fun of this activity regardless of the age or fitness level of the individual concerned.

Nevertheless, this article will help to put you through as I explore the following content;

Can roller skating help you lose belly fat?

How much weight can you lose in roller skating, can roller skating help you lose weight, how many calories does roller skating burn in an hour, is roller skating better than walking, and much more?

Let’s get into the gist without much ado!

Can Roller Skating Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Interestingly, yes, roller skating can help you lose belly fat. Being one of the exciting workout sports with high benefits in terms of losing weight and can also structure and maintain all the muscles in your body, such as calves, legs, and thighs, can reduce or trim your belly fat.

In an aerobic exercise like roller skating, the entire body is involved. However, the energy you consume burns from your muscle mass which helps to reduce fat.

From the above foreground, burning your belly fat is vital, but you cannot wholly eradicate fat cells from your body since they are stored as lipids and increase in size when you gain weight.

Hence, doctors advocate exercise because it reduces these fat cells as it burns calories. On the other hand, the workout you do to burn fat should involve stretching your abdominal muscles properly, that is, against the direction of the applied force. 

So, in roller skating (aerobic workout), you must ensure that the Rectus Abdominis muscle of the ab is in constant contraction and relaxation of this ab muscle.

How Much Weight Can You Lose Roller Skating?

The number of weight you lose in roller skating depends on the mass of your fat cells. Hence, if you lose 3,500 calories on roller skating, you will surely lose one pound of fat from your fat cells.

In the same vein, losing fat entails that the number of calories you burn must be greater than the number of calories you get from consuming food and drinks. Thus, breaking down stored fat for helpful energy in the body is facilitated by roller skating as a workout exercise.

Can Roller Skating Help You Lose Weight

Can Roller Skating Help You Lose Weight?

Of course, roller skating can help you lose weight in a short while. Though, this fact- unbelievable health benefits is to an extent uncommon to some people.

That said, most people do not regard it as more than a sports activity. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy other benefits of roller skating apart from losing weight, the choice is yours! Any sport is an excellent cardiovascular stimulant activity.

So, roller skating is no exception to that perception. In roller skating, your heart will work faster as blood supply increases in rate to the body parts such as organs, and these organs function effectively and efficiently.

In the process of faster blood supply, your metabolic rate increases, and you will burn more calories and, in turn, lose weight.

Undoubtedly, most enthusiastic sports lovers are promoting and still will promote roller skating as one of the greatest cardio-sport for burning fat.

As regards experience and research work, you can burn approximately 300 calories in a roller-skating session of about 30 to 40 minutes. So, if you make a routine of seven days, perchance at the end of one week, you would burn up to 2,000 calories or more. Isn’t it awesome!

How Many Calories Does Roller Skating Burn In An Hour?

The schedule for any exercise is vital to that workout’s purpose, goal, and success. Perchance, the number of calories you burn in roller skating, possibly in one hour, depends on body weight.

Although, each individual is uniquely different from the other as regards the intake of calories.

Let’s dive into some instances;

  • 160 lbs individual will burn about 548 calories in one hour
  • A person weighing 200 lbs will burn roughly 700 calories in one hour.
  • An individual weighing 240 lbs would burn approximately 818 calories in an hour and more, to mention but a few.

So far, persons weighing 120 to 250 lbs can burn an average of 600 calories in one hour of roller skating.

Roller Skates Women?

Roller skates are a personal item that each avid skater should have.

Many newbies may not be familiar with most women’s roller skates regarding their boot, plate, wheels and bearings, and cushions.

Although, women’s skate is required to suit a specific skating style concerning the wearer. Perchance you are arriving or have been in the world of roller skating, the guide below is for you;

  • Choose skates that use standard wheels to enable you to skate frequently.
  • Avoid cheap products; get roller skates with durable materials for truck support.   
  • A novice may benefit from selecting good skates with wheel and bearing removal tools, but you are good to go if you have your own.
  • Regular and necessary replacement is vital on the wheels, ball bearings, and even shoelaces.

How Many Calories Can You Burn In Roller Skating?

The number of calories you burn through roller skating differs from individual to individual since each person has a unique weight.

For instance, an individual weighing about 150 lbs might burn roughly 540 calories during a skating session in one hour. 

Similarly, a person who weighs 200 lbs will also burn about 700 calories in one hour of roller skating.

It is noteworthy that an individual with high body weight would have more power and will exert a greater force. So far, the individual with 200 lbs will do more work and have more power than the person with 150 lbs could do or have.

In essence, if you intend to lose 4 lbs weekly, you would set this target or goal for yourself. And as you roller skate, always try to involve movements such as; bending, turning, twisting, and whatsoever movement you could desire to make.

What Parts Of The Body Does Roller Skating Work?

I will urge you to keep reading to get the proper answer to this typical question!

The part of the body roller skating works on is mostly the muscles of the hips and legs.

Although, the quads, calves, glutes, and hamstring muscles also get involved in roller skating. Furthermore, you work on your backside as the push off of the skate is not straight back but a little bit to your side as you gradually make your gluteus Maximus get involved as it functions to extend and rotate the hip laterally.

For balance, your erectors, rotator muscles of the abdomen, rectus abdominus, and lower back are beneficial in making you stand upright. Now, you know!

Is Roller Skating Better Than Walking?

Warmly, let’s get to it!

The better one between roller skating and walking depends on your age, fitness standards, and tastes. Although, the request to perform roller skating is on the high side compared to walking.

From my experience and research, a person will need to roller skate for an hour to burn an average of 600 calories.

According to Essentials for Health and Wellness, a person weighing 132 lbs will burn about 270 calories for an hour of walking. Comparing these two sports and the math involved, it is evident that in terms of burning fat or losing weight, roller skating is better than briskly walking.


Roller skating has become one of the basic exercises for losing weight and having fun. Since there are no set boundaries on the vital health benefit of roller skating, it would be nice to integrate this exercise into your daily routine.

Moreover, you could lose weight in the shortest possible time, practice roller skating daily, and always remember to have a healthy diet in which protein and crab should be vital to you.

Perchance you doubt the efficacy of losing weight through roller skating. You have my word that after you might have picked a pair of roller skates and practice for a few weeks, you will be amazed at the results.

I recommend you have fun, do what you would love, and possibly periodically lose some calories (weight). Do like and share this article with others!