11 Beautiful Women’s Flannel Shirts & Tops to Up Your Style

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Flannel shirts are always in style and they are available in a variety of hues. You can go traditional with red and black plaid, or attempt a more feminine look with pink tartan, blue and orange designs, or a beautiful black and white checkered print. 

Your Flannel shirt will look great with everything from trousers to skirts and can even be tied over a lovely dress. Finding a soft flannel isn’t difficult there are a plethora of alternatives just on Amazon. Related Article: What Are The Warmest Jackets For Extreme Cold

11 Beautiful Women’s Flannel Shirts & Tops

1. UANEO Women’s Casual Plaid Wool Blend Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt Jacket Shackets

Price: $32.99

The first shirt on this list is an awesome pick. Feel free to wear it as a shirt or a jacket; either way, this flannel shirt is both comfortable and fashionable. It has a boxy cut, drop shoulders, and two welt pockets on either side to keep hands toasty. It’s made of sturdy and machine-washable polyester. Furthermore, the medium-weight shirt has two breast pockets for a classic flannel look. This selection is also available as a vest, which is ideal for the warmer months.

You should checkout this shirt and top here at Amazon. 

2. Legendary Whitetails Flannel Shirt

Price: $29.99 – $50.73

The next shirt on our list is a must-have for your wardrobe, especially for the tomboys. The chambray-lined collar and cuffs provide a rustic touch without going overboard on the lumberjack look. Furthermore, the traditional design will provide you with something to wear for every fall activity. Combine it with a leather jacket and leather boots for an edgy look. You can check the current dedails of this shirt here at Amazon. 

3. DJT Women’s Collared Button Shirt

Price: $22.99 – $36.99

Many flannel shirts are created without the addition of stretch-enhancing material, but if you like a bit more freedom. This button-down plaid shirt will give you the look of a classic flannel without the tightness. It contains elastane to move with you, but it still has a classic large-scale gingham pattern, button closure, and optional dual pockets like a conventional flannel — plus, it has roll-up sleeves with tabs to hold them in place. You can see more details of this shirt at Amazon.

4. Lee Indigo Pattern Fleece Shirt

Price: $35.64

This shirt is comfy for camping, hiking, or vacations. It’s time to break out the Riders by Lee Indigo fleece shirt. Because it is constructed entirely of polyester, it is more impervious to shrinking, fading, and wrinkling than cotton. Nonetheless, the fleece material is lovely and toasty. It lacks pockets but has a plaid design and a cool button-up front. You can purchase this shirt here at Amazon. 

5. Match Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt

Price: $17.99 – $21.99

This flannel plaid shirt provides a high-quality clothing experience at an affordable price. The cotton flannel is very soft and breathable, but it’s also heavy enough to keep you warm in 60-degree weather. While most flannels run large, this one features a narrow, flattering shape, two breast pockets, and a button under each sleeve to keep it secure when folded up. You can purchase this shirt here at Amazon. 

6. SweatyRocks Women’s Long Sleeve Collar Long Button Down Plaid Shirt Blouse Tops

Price: $12.99 – $32.99

Who says plaid can’t be colorful? If you want to spice up your flannel collection, this is a must-have. There are 45 styles to select from, ranging from basic red to non-traditional colors including a feminine pink tartan, a lovely khaki, and warm mustard. Customers enjoy the relaxed fit of the breathable shirt. Buttons line the front, and they may be worn alone or knotted over a T-shirt. You can purchase this shirt here at Amazon. 

7. Classic BomDeals Flannel Shirts

Price: $9.20 – $25.88

The best of both worlds is provided by this hooded flannel top. On a windy day, the gray hood is woven right into the thick cotton flannel to protect your head and ears. It even has a drawstring to keep it closed while you’re out and about. The silky hoodie offers a loose yet flattering fit with longer front and back hemlines to highlight your contours. You can purchase this shirt here at Amazon. 

8. Goodthreads Brushed Flannel Shirt

Price: $23.57 – $69.22

This Goodthreads flannel shirt comes in over 20 different colors and patterns, so there’s something for everyone. Its soft-yet-sturdy mid-weight design is likely to provide you with an instantly comfortable, toasty feeling. You can also expect a more form-fitting shape because this shirt is sized easily across the chest and tapered through the waist. You can purchase this shirt here at Amazon. 

9. IN’VOLAND Women’s Plus Size Flannel Plaid Shirt Roll Up Long Sleeve Mid-Long Button-Down Shirts Casual Boyfriend Tops

Price: $9.99 – $27.99

This quality women’s flannel shirt comes in royal blue, forest green, black, and light pink for a variety of color selections. This shirt is comprised of a cotton and polyester combination that is both breathable and wrinkle-resistant. It has a relaxed fit and a curved hem that goes well with leggings, but it can also be tied in a knot at the waist. Finally, because of the smooth fabric, it is lightweight and comfortable. You can purchase this shirt here at Amazon. 

10. St. Jubileens Casual Blouses Tops

Price: $19.98 – $22.99

This St. Jubileens shirt is ideal if you want a checkered garment with a streamlined, contemporary tunic vibe. This shirt is thinner and has more stretch than regular cotton or wool flannel, and it lacks the iconic buttons, collar, and pockets of a traditional version. However, it does have roll-up sleeves, a collared neck, and a checkered pattern that resembles a flannel without the heat. You can purchase this shirt here at Amazon. 

11. FANCYINN Tunic Casual Dress

Price: $26.99 – $32.99

This shirt has a somewhat different design than the others on this list. This plaid shirt dress might be just what you’re searching for if you want to add plaid to your closet but not necessary in the form of a shirt. The lovely dress contains classic flannel shirt characteristics including a collar, button-down detailing, and long sleeves, as well as a flowy A-line skirt that hits above the knees, making it ideal for the holiday season. The dress also features a bow tie waist, which flatters curves and gives it a feminine look. You can purchase this shirt here at Amazon. 


Flannel Shirts will always be in style. Has this article been of help in helping you pick a quality flannel shirt?  Adding quality Flannel Shirts to your wardrobe is a decision you will not regret. Amazon offers a wide pool of clothing items that are worth buying, including the flannel shirt.  You should read this post on 7 Lovely Winter Coats for plus Size Women 

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