7 Amazing Ice Skating Tricks for Beginners + List of Ice Skating Moves (List for Newbie)

Amazing Ice Skating Tricks for Beginners

if you are looking for ice Skating Tricks for Beginners or maybe you like to learn about List of Ice Skating Moves then this is the post for you. Ice skating is a full-body exercise that is beneficial to your health. Skating builds muscle and strengthens your bones. You do not need to fret if you are new to ice skating. This sport can be easy with simple tricks to aid your skating experience, especially new to ice skating. Indeed, it is an exciting sport with so many advantages. However, this article elaborates on the primary and simple tricks that will make ice skating simple for you.

7 Amazing Ice Skating Tricks for Beginners

Before you begin ice skating, you must put on your protective gear and put safety measures in place. Below is a list of ice-skating tricks for beginners

1. The Fall

As a beginner in skating, you must know to land well to avoid injuring yourself. Falling the wrong way can lead to dislocation or bruises on your body. The simple trick to falling is squatting whenever you want to lose your feet. You would not hit your head on the floor, or any other part of your body is doing this.

When you want to fall, your hands must not be out; this is to prevent other skaters from running over your fingers or injuring your wrist. Don’t try to use your hand to stop your fall, as you might break or hurt your finger in the process.

2. Backward Movement

Another trick you should learn as a newbie is how to move backward. Moving backward is an essential skill that will help you practice other skating moves.

When you are moving backward, you are practicing the reverse way of moving forward. To begin, make a “v” shape with your leg, separate your heels and then return to the “v” shape. If you carry this out a few times, you will notice that you are making a backward movement. Tilt your head above your shoulders, to the right, move to the right, and do the same for the left. The wider your leg, the faster you become in moving backward.

3. Forward Movement

Moving forward is essential in skating. You will make forward movement more than some of the skills you will learn as your advances are in forwarding motion. To begin the forward direction, you will have to know how to stand on skates comfortably. Then, put one of your legs forward with your other leg to the back; your toes should be angled away from your body. Repeat this process for the other leg.

4. Practicing How To Stop

Obviously, after moving forward and backward, you must come to a halt. The easiest way to stop is to reduce your speed and lower your knee a little as though you want to kneel. Then, let your body tilt to the side. To make your blades not move in the same direction.

5. Learning How To Spin

Now that you are already getting used to skating, you should learn the easiest way to spin. Spinning may look scary and difficult, do not fear. You are about to learn the trick. To begin, look forward and stand straight, spread out your arms and give your legs a push. Your spread arms are to provide you with the force to rotate.

6. Learn The Jumping Tricks

Jumping for beginners does not need to be so high. Newbies can begin as low as jumping one-inch high by holding onto the ice rinks.

7. Learn The Spiral Move

You do not have to look down when carrying out the spiral move. Spread your arms, skate forward, and carry one of your legs up. Glide as much as you can with your arms widely spread.

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Be sure to watch the below video on amazing ice skating tricks for beginners

List Of Skating Moves

Skating has various moves that will be interesting to explore as a beginner. The moves are:

  • Jumps
  • Spinning
  • Gliding
  • Forward and backward crossover
  • Spiral movement
  • Dance lift and others.

How Do You Do Basic Ice Skating Tricks?

Several ice skating tricks will make skating easy for you as a beginner. Ice skating tricks simplify complex moves that are not easy to try at the beginning of skating. How you do basic ice skating tricks depends on the kind of skill you want to learn.

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Some awesome ice skating moves for beginners

The Fall

The fall is the most popular ice skating move for beginners. It’s a no-frills jump that most skaters of any age can perform, and it can be a lot of fun. To master the fall, you should ideally start on a highly smooth surface, such as an indoor rink. It’s also essential that you have someone with you when learning this skill, so they can catch you if you lose your balance and fall over. Most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy yourself!

The Glide

The Glide is an easy ice skating move that everyone can learn as a beginner. It’s a fun way to get around the ice without having to pick up your feet too high. Indeed, it is a great warm-up ice skating move and an excellent way to start learning some basic ice skating skills.

The Simple Spin

The Simple Spin is one of the first ice skating moves you learn as a beginner. It’s fundamental and easy to do, but it gives you an excellent foundation for learning further ice-skating moves.

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Ice skating can be a fantastic activity for many people if done rightly. It works an enormous number of muscles in the body and is a fun way to get out and meet people if you live in a big enough area with an ice rink.

If you’re thinking about taking up ice skating as a hobby, you might have heard that it takes quite some time to learn all of the tricks that professionals regularly execute on the ice. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Not only can you pick up some simple ice skating tricks pretty quickly, but there are also some tricks that even young kids can learn right off the rink. Awesome right? Having read through this article, I hope it has benefited you as a beginner.