Cheapest Place to Get a Ring Resized, in US & UK

Cheapest Place to Get a Ring Resized, in US & UK

People wear rings for different purposes and on different parts of the body. However, the most common part of the body where rings are worn mostly are the fingers, and they are the ones that usually require the resizing of rings to either make them larger or smaller depending on the individual that requests the ring resized. 

Resizing rings is commonplace in the United States and the United Kingdom alike. This is because many people have made a career out of resizing rings and other ornaments work for beautification, a sign of marriage, engagement, etc. 4 Ways On How To Tell If A Necklace Is a Real Gold

What does it Mean to Resize a Ring?

Rings are created in a series of moldings. These moldings are constructed so that when the ring is produced and gets to you, it fits like a glove. 

The resizing process has to consider these moldings. In addition, jewelry made from precious metals has to be respected so that these grains will run from top to bottom of the ring. 

In simple terms, resizing a ring means reducing or increasing its size using the required equipment and processes. It is always better to have your ring resizing done by an expert to avoid the destruction of your ring in the process of resizing. Best Spy Necklace Pendant & Hidden Camera Necklaces for Women or Men

However, is resizing a ring really important? Of course, it is. Your ring doesn’t have to be “tight” to feel or look good; however, making it ” fit like a glove” hits different and reduces the chances of it falling off.

Process of Resizing a Ring

The process of resizing a ring is not difficult. However, whether the ring can be resized depends on the type of metal it is made and how it was made.

The process of resizing a ring involves several steps. First, the ring has to be inspected carefully. This is because many rings are made with stones that must not be resized. The jeweler who is doing this needs to know what kind of metal the ring is made from and what kind of stone it has to ensure that the right kinds of treatments can be used on it. The expert also needs to know what metal the ring is made from to properly treat it.

  1. Metal rings can be resized using a special machine called a ring stretcher. If the ring is silver, it will need to be annealed first to not break during the stretching process. The ring should also be shaped and polished before placing it on the stretcher. The cost of this resizing is around $15-$30 for each millimeter of the width of the ring. This method works for both gold and silver rings.
  2. Rings made of other materials such as titanium or tungsten can be resized by cutting off some material from the ring using a rotary tool or Dremel tool, then soldering on new material that has been sized appropriately. This method takes more skill but is effective for rings made out of non-metallic materials too. 

Best & Cheapest place to get a ring resized in the US

Resizing rings in the US is very easy as most jewellery shops with an in-house expert jeweler offer ring resizing services. Resizing rings can cost several hundred dollars depending on the work to be done and the time it will take to do the actual resizing of the ring. 

The cost of resizing rings in the US can start from as low as $15 to over $160, depending on the type of ring to be resized. Some of the affordable and good places to resize your ring in the US are: 

1. Mount Jewelers

At Mount Jewelers, you would receive a good ring reading service from expert in-house jewelers. The cost of resizing rings here starts from $20 for simple resizing. You would need to allow the in-house experts to look at the ring to tell you how much your specific ring would cost to resize. 

2. Martin Busch Jewelers

This jeweller located in New York offers one of the best ring resizing services you can find in New York. If you wish to use Martin Busch Jewellers for resizing your ring, you would need to make enquiries depending on the type of ring you want to resize.

3.  Jewelers Mutual Group

Jewelers Mutual Group has been jewelers for centuries, and they do a great job in resizing rings. Jewelers Mutual resizes rings starting from a minimum of $20 and can get to hundreds of dollars depending on the factors that would determine the new shape of the ring after resizing.

4. Journey Jewelers

Journey Jewelers takes pride in its several years of experience in the business of jeweler and ring resizing. The Jeweler would place a call to you in a situation your ring needs extra repair for you to approve of the repair and cost or not. 

5. Goodman Jewelers

Goodman handles large volumes of ring resizing orders weekly. This is because of its excellent experience and job, which bring more people to resize their rings with them. 

How Much Does It Cost To Resize a Ring in the US

Several factors determine the cost of resizing rings in the US and depending on the Particular jeweler you are dealing with. some of the factors that determine the cost of ring sizing in the US are:

  • If the ring is to be increased or reduced in size.
  • The metal, stone or material the ring is made of.
  • The quantity of metal that needs to be worked on (manipulated).
  • How the metals, stones and design elements of the ring will affect the new shape of the ring.

The average minimum cost of ring resizing in the US is $15. However, the cost can go as high as $160 or more depending on the ring type, work to be done, and the jeweler.

How much does it cost to resize a ring at Walmart

Walmart offers ring resizing services across its stores in the US. To resize a ring at any of Walmart’s stores nationwide, you need to walk into any of its stores offering ring resizing services. 

You would need to part with at least $20 to have your ring resized at any Walmart store. Generally, resizing of rings at Walmart stores costs.   Between $20 – $150. Walmart only resizes rings bought from one of its stores, also Walmart only resizes metal rings at its stores. 

Places for same-day ring resizing cost near me, in the US

Not many jewellers offer the same-day ring resizing service, but the few that offer this service don’t at an extra cost sometimes. Some jewellers that offer a same day ring sizing are:

  • JC Penny
  • Jared 
  • Goodman Jewelers offers same-day ring sizing with an appointment booked. 
  • Watch Technicians; you would get a same-day ring sizing even without an appointment.

Best Place to Get a Ring Resized in the UK

Getting rings resized in the UK is commonplace, with many weddings and people loving to wear rings in the UK. Several locations in the UK offer ring resizing services, some of which are:

1. The Gold Workshop

The Gold workshop is a classic jewel reworking shop with a same day ring resizing service offering. The shop receives rings for resizing nationwide in the UK. The same applies to its delivery of finished work of resized rings. To get your rings resized at the Gold Workshop, you would need to complete a form for the shop to know you’re sending your ring for resizing. 

2. Jewellery Repairs London

This is the home of excellence in fine jewellery. The jeweller shop was established in the year 1875. Jewellery Repair London provides same-day resizing of rings subject to examining of the ring. Same-day resizing or sizing of rings at the workshop does not apply to all types of rings. The service may be available to rings depending on the dynamics of the ring, the age of the ring, and the inspection outcome of the ring.

3. The Hatton Garden Workshop

This workshop knows to resize rings with the in-house jeweller we have at the shop, a specialist in same-day resizing of rings in the UK. However, same-day resizing is more expensive than the regular procedural 3-5 days wait for resizing.

For the 3 – 5 days resizing period, you would pay £120, while for same-day resizing, you would be paying £190.

4. Jewellery Repair Workshop

This is a London-based jewellery repair shop that offers ring resizing. The shop claims they can solve all your jewellery needs and truly they can resize your ring to your choice. You can get your silver, gold, or platinum resized here at the workshop. 

How much to resize a ring UK

Resizing a ring in the UK can be expensive sometimes, but it is always better to resize your ring than get a new one; this would be the case when you get an expert to resize your ring.

The cost of resizing rings in the UK depends on many factors, but generally, £25 should be enough for basic ring resizing; this amount is subject to increase; therefore, always contact your jewellery shop to know the total cost of your required service.

How long does it take to resize a ring?

Resizing a ring has no specific timeline, but what determines the time for the resizing depends on the ring’s complexity and the work to be done. For example, increasing the size of a ring takes more time than sizing down. 

At the minimum, your ring can be resized in an hour, and maximally, it can take days and stretch into weeks for a complex resizing to be done. 

How to resize a ring at home

You can resize your ring at home without having to seek the services of a jeweller. However, bear in mind that these methods may damage parts or all of the ring. Some ways of resizing methods for rings are:

  • Resizing using Pliers: This method of resizing rings can only reduce rings using applied force but cannot effectively increase the size of the ring.
  • Use of Mallet to Expand: This involves using the physical force of hitting the ring down the spine of a ring mandrel. 
  • Use of a thread or string: This makes the ring only smaller to wear and does not resize to increase the size of the ring.

How to make ring smaller with string

Using a string to reduce the size of your ring is a very clear mate-friendly approach to ring resizing. However, this method requires you to carry out simple steps, and you would have resized your ring. The steps to making your ring smaller using a string or thread are given below:

  • Cut a 20-inch piece of string.
  • Use one head of it to tie the bottom left of the ring. So that oneness would be short and the other long.
  • Do overhead knots one after the other towards the right side of the ring.
  • Ensure you pull the string so that you’ll have tight knots.
  • Do about 20 overhead knots, wear the ring and check if it fits.
  • If it does not still fit, tie some more knots on the ones that you already did.
  • When you’re done, grab the knots with your fingertips and turn them facing inward. Then cut the rest of the string if it feels safe and comfortable.

Some strings are done without using any adhesive on the ring. But if the knots fall apart, you should add a little glue on them or make sure your knots are tighter.


Rings symbolize many things to different people; thus, getting the right size is very important. However, getting the right size doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the information contained in this article, I hope the overall process will be easier. Resizing rings needs techniques and skills for a proper job to be done, and you should try to get an expert to always resize your ring to avoid making the ring worst. 7 Best Spy Camera Earrings For Women