Why Does My Back Hurt When I Roller Skate


If you are reading this article, it simply means you want to learn about why your back get hurt when making use of a roller skate.

Roller skating is a vigorous sport that demands ferociousness and vast engagement of the body’s muscular system.

Although, back pain complaints are apparent and common among sports like ice, inline, skateboarding, and roller skaters. Understanding what might have caused this back pain and its fix is essential.

Suppose you participate in aggressive or extreme roller-skating styles. In that case, you will do several maneuvers such as jumps, twists, and spins that ultimately overuse the lower back muscles and your spine.

In essence, your back becomes vulnerable since falls and landing impacts are received by it as you try to maintain balance.

Nevertheless, I will put you through the following content: Can roller skating make you sore, is skating well for your back? Why does my back hurt when I roller-skate? Is roller skating badly for your back, and more?

Why does my back hurt when rollerskating

Let’s start right away without much ado!

Can Roller Skating Make You Sore?

Yes, of course! Perhaps, feeling sore after roller skating is part and parcel of the sports activity, however. As a newbie, roller skating will function with muscles you haven’t used before.

Stretching and relaxing these muscles becomes painful since they become active for the first time. Similarly, even if you are a pro-skater, intermediate or beginner roller skating can still make you sore over time if you over-skate (stressing the muscles) too much that your body can sustain.

You’re most likely to have risky body soreness and lower back pain.

Let’s also look at some reasons for soreness after roller skating!

Below are the elaborate reasons why roller skating can make you sore.

·         Wearing Ill-Fitting Roller Skates.

Tight skates are the primary cause of ankle, shin, toe, and heel pain, as they put too much pressure on your feet.

So, beginners, intermediate or advanced skaters should acquire the best and correct (snuggly fitting) roller skates to avoid soreness.

·         Roller Skating Off Recommended Posture

When you roller skates with poor movements, it puts much stress on your knees and back muscles. Precisely, you should maintain proper posture throughout the sporting event.

·         Trying New Tricks And Skills?

Adding some tricks/skills is thrilling, exciting, and fun too. Although, too much of everything is disadvantageous in most cases.

Though, these tricks can make you sore when you intend to do them as a beginner or pro for an extended period.

Is Skating Good For Your Back?

Of course, if it is done moderately with the right skills and equipment. Skating is suitable for your back since it utilizes it to enhance exercise.

Additional benefits of skating are that it improves balance, enhances core stability, and also decreases lower back pain. Similarly, it also developed the lower back muscles to strengthen the core and engage coordination.

Why Does My Back Hurt When I Roller Skate?

Roller skating injuries, especially back pain, are always lurking on the horizon. Although, apart from injuries and overuse, many medical situations and diseases exist that could cause or create back pain.

Hence, they range from; lumbar spine arthritis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, kidney stone, and even infections.

What signs should make me contact a medical specialist for my back pain?

For sure, uncomplicated back pain lasts for fewer days and would be gone for a couple of weeks.

Nevertheless, no matter the level of discomfort, you should contact your medical specialist for a proper diagnosis or necessary treatment if required.

Without much ado, here are the signs;

  • Back pain affecting your roller skating event
  • Any infection signs like; chills and fever during roller skating.
  • Difficulty in controlling your bowel or bladder.
  • Back pain disrupts regularly.

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt When I Roller Skate?

The lower back can be hurt when you roller skate due to the degeneration and wearing of the lumbar intervertebral disc and stress fractures to the spine.

Why Does My Back Hurt When I Skateboard?

Back pains are intolerable; you can bid farewell to them in less than two weeks.

Notwithstanding, many complaints have come among beginners and professional skaters based on hurting the back when you skateboard.

However, you could become vulnerable skateboarding because of the falls, landing (stop) attempts, and the effect of maintaining balance affects your back to an extent.

Let’s get started on pressing medical issues that could cause back pain for a skateboarder!

Injuries Related To The Spine?

You can hurt your spine (porous disc) between the vertebrae when you rugged land using your feet and buttock. Eventually, if you repeat this event repeatedly, your spinal disc might become affected due to pre-existing defects from your hard landing on the skateboard.

On the other hand, twisting and sudden movements could also contribute to the below-listed spine-related injuries;

  • Sciatica
  • Sacroiliac joint pain
  • Coccydynia
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Fractures of the spine

Strains Of The Muscles

Without argument, this is the most common cause of back pain when you skateboard regularly. The strains of the muscles are due to sudden overexertion, that is, the stretching of the flexed and some large pair muscles attached to the glutes as your body moves on the skateboard robotically.

Although, there are three main categories of muscle strain that you can experience.

Here you have them!

  1. Mild discomfort
  2. Mild swelling and pain
  3. Severe swelling, pain, and difficulty in movement.

Preventing Skateboard Injuries?

Statistics have proven that injuries (including back injuries) occur more frequently and severely than in any other sports activity.

So far, it is paramount that you avoid these painful conditions.

Hold on to explore how you could avoid injuries (especially back pains) when you


  • Use a quality skateboard since you will get what you pay for in the equipment as regards quality and effectiveness.
  • Check and examine your skateboard before you ride and also keep it in a safe condition.
  • You should have a limit to skateboarding and apply it necessarily; staying safe on the skateboard is some advice that makes much sense.
  • Preparing your essentials (different easy skills and tricks) carefully for skateboarding is vital.
  • Wearing protective gear and replacing them often to prevent injury is good too.

Is Roller Skating Bad For Your Back?

Roller skating has been a major cause of lower back pain is terrible for your back, especially when the back muscles strain as you skate more often than your back can endure.

However, over-skate puts your body into a leaning forward position which could place more strain on your back than running and many other workouts.

When you compare skating with other exercises, skating could lead your back to become tired, cramped, or even inflamed sooner than other body parts.

So far, when you observe that the lower back muscles are getting strained, I suggest you have a break in skating until your lower back muscles regain their coordination to avoid severe injury.

Back Hurts When Roller Skating?

Firstly, your back hurts when you are roller skating could be a vertebra dislocation. This dislocation could result from aggressive skaters conveying impact from complex foot or butt landings through the spine.

Spondylolisthesis, being slipped vertebrae, results to back pain since the dislocation occurs when you skate continuously without a break.

Secondly, many skaters whose back hurt (back pain) and leg pain during roller skating in their lower extremities are mostly diagnosed with a ruptured or herniated disc.


Back pains, often known as backache or lumbago, occasionally happen unexpectedly from a fall, a twist, or inappropriate skating moves.

Your back could slowly become more uncomfortable due to muscle strains until back pain develops.

However, almost every skater who is active for an extended period must have experienced lower back pain at some point. But how you manage this issue sometimes calls for professional medical evaluation and treatment.

In essence, make it a point to educate yourself and friends about what you could do to prevent skating injuries, especially the alarming back pain.

Remember, roller skating is prone to very severe injuries, so mitigating risks with caution and safety apparatus as your mind and body benefit from this activity would become immeasurable.

Notwithstanding, I have detailed you in the above work; if any complications on health challenges (injuries) should arise, don’t fail to contact your medical advisor for complete diagnosis and treatment. Have fun while skating! Do like and share this informative post with others!